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4th October 2022 
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Counselling and therapy in Landford, near Romsey and Salisbury

There are times in our lives, whether we are a child, young person or an adult, when we find we are struggling and we need someone to talk to in confidence, without the fear of being judged. I provide a warm, confidential environment between Romsey and Salisbury, where you have the opportunity to be listened to and to explore some of the difficulties you may be experiencing.

Loneliness, helplessness and confusion are often feelings that affect people on a daily basis and also affect those around us. Talking to a counsellor can help you gain an understanding as to why things feel as they do and to find new ways of coping in order that you can feel more in control of your future.

I am a qualified BACP Senior accredited counsellor and also a qualified supervisor and work with both adults, couples, children and young people. For the past eighteen years I have been practicing in education, a workplace counselling organisation and a number of different charitable organisations. I also have a successful private practice based in Landford, located within easy reach of Romsey and Salisbury.


Thankfully, nearly a year on, we can now see the lockdown beginning to ease and some people will perhaps be daring to think about returning to elements of normality. However, for many of us, the pandemic may still be having a devastating impact on our lives and are still trying to navigate through multiple pressures. Please do not suffer alone. If you feel you are struggling with either the return to academic pressures, the concept of socialising again or even just worrying about more changes, please give yourself permission to reach out for support.

" It's okay not to be okay as long as you are not giving up". Karen Salmansohn


Areas specific to Adults;
Stress Management (Work and Personal)
Anger Management
Bereavement and Loss
Relationship Issues

Areas specific to Young People;
Exam Stress
School/college difficulties
Transitions to College and University
Bereavement and Loss
Self Harm and Suicide Ideation
Low mood and depression

Areas specific to Young children;
Fears and Phobias
Friendship issues
Family bereavement
Family circumstances ie divorce and separation, Illness
Separation Anxiety
Self Esteem issues


Depending on your situation and concerns I offer both short-term and open ended counselling.
Short term (6-12 sessions) is useful for particular difficulties such as panic attacks, anger management, anxiety and exam/work stress.
Open Ended is helpful for issues such as depression, grief, low self-esteem.


Adults, Children and Young People
50.00 per 50 minute session.

Counselling Supervision
50.00 per hour

Should you be experiencing financial difficulty a reduced rate can be negotiated. Please do not let money concerns prevent you from contacting me.

I also offer an initial 30 minute session free of charge to give you an opportunity to assess whether counselling is the right support you are looking for and to check that you are comfortable working with me.

Concessions are also available to anyone who is a counsellor in training